Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce Diplomat

I've been a member of the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce for a few years now. I've been involved in more networking and going to chamber events. When Shana at the chamber asked if I would be interested in being a Diplomat, while I was honored, I was a little hesitant, not knowing what was involved. After asking around, I'm glad I did. For those who do not know what a chamber diplomat is, they're a volunteer representative of the chamber who attends chamber events (morning breakfasts, after hours, ribbon cuttings, special events and meals on wheels). Since I've been one only 7 months, I've really enjoyed getting to know my fellow diplomats and especially being a part of the community. Being able to see the new businesses and get to know about them is a blessing.

I've tried to attend as many events as possible to be a part, as a result, I've been one of four selected as Diplomat of the Month for the past 3 months. If you want to be a part of the community, join your chamber and get involved, you'll be glad you did.

Diplomats of the Month, June 2017b

Bentonville High Senior

Meet Joe, a senior at Bentonville High School.  He graduated early and is working part time in addition to working out to stay in shape before heading off to college in Mizzou this fall. I always enjoy photographing seniors, hearing their future plans and the enthusiasm and drive they have. If I'm lucky, I get to see them years down the road and hear what they're doing and how their life has turned out. (www.branchseniors.com)

NWA Senior PhotoNWA Senior pics

Flory Family

Living in a college town has many opportunities and privileges, especially to the business owners. We occasionally get parents visiting their children at the U/A and want a family portrait while here. I had the honor to photograph the Flory family from Plano Texas in October. The weather was perfect and the scenery was great on campus. We decided to go to the back side of Carnall Hall for the photos since there was a wedding taking place on campus in front and didn’t want to distract from the event. I’ve never created a family portrait in this area by the colors seemed to go well with their clothing. We also created images on the porch and captured a great variety. The Flory’s were a pleasure to photograph, great expressions from everyone and a fun and enjoyable sessions. They now have portraits on their walls that they will cherish for years and passed down through generations to come.

NWA location family photo

Voted Very Best Photographer

Branch Photography has been voted Very Best Commercial Photographer in Arkansas and NW Arkansas by the readers of Celebrate Arkansas magazine for 2016!  This is the THIRD year we have received this award from Celebrate Arkansas and just as proud to be recognized.  Thank you to all who voted and value quality photographic creations, specifically the images Branch creates!

VERY-BEST-2015-logoVery Best Logo 2014

Morris Family

Meet the Morris Family! They are yet another reason I love photographing families! They were so nice to photograph, easy going, open to walking around looking for new areas to create images and always with fun energy. I was looking forward to this session for a couple of reasons. First, the day started off really warm for a February day, I thought this was going to be awesome. As Arkansas normally does, the temp dropped and got really windy. You can’t tell it from the photos but the kids were shivering in between shots but always with a smile on their face, they were GREAT!

Secondly, after many years of creating thousands of photographs of high school seniors on Dickson St, I had never photographed a family. Andrea had mentioned something down there so I said, sure why not! I’m so glad she asked because the images turned out GREAT! I’m always looking for something different, a way to make the next portrait better and unique, this was a great idea.

“Keith did an amazing job of capturing my family and their spirits. The photos turned out beautifully and we ended up purchasing extras for the grandparents! Highly recommend Branch Photography for all your family photography needs.” Andrea Morris

Thank you Morris family for another great Family Session and I know you’ll be enjoying your wall portrait for YEARS to come!

NWA family photographerNWA PhotographerNW Arkansas Best PhotographerFayetteville Location Photographer
NWA Best Photographer

Crozier Family

Some families you just plain look forward to seeing, don’t get me wrong, I love all my clients, I look forward to seeing them any time, any where. There are some that just make you laugh out loud! The Crozier family is one of those families. Neil and Bambi own Car Clinic in Lowell and they’re the same way when you go to their shop, always cutting up and having a good time (even though there is always the typical business owner stresses). I’ve had the opportunity to photograph not only their family, but their daughter, Kirsten’s, senior portraits as well as several commercial images for Car Clinic ( you can see a VERY LARGE image on one of their walls in their waiting area).

You can just look at the photos and tell, ‘wow, they were having a good time’. I just roll with it, and capture images as we go, they’re all priceless!

NWA Fun Family PhotographerSpringdale AR PhotographerNWA PhotographerFayetteville AR Photographer

Keyes Children

One of my favorite clients is the Keye children from Texarkana TX. I have had the honor to photograph them for the past 12 years, it doesn’t seem that long! Their mom is from Fayetteville and how they came to start having children and family photo sessions with Branch. The first few are of Ava, the oldest, from her 1 yr photo to the last one when she was 12. The next is of Maggie and the last is of the youngest Tripp. You can see their awesome transformation in the group photos to the good looking kids they are today! So honored to a small part of their lives by creating beautiful professional portraits as these children mature. Just a reminder, you don’t have to live in NW Arkansas to have a professional photo shoot with Branch Photography, we go on location too!

Bentonville AR Children photographer
Rogers AR Children Photographer
NWA Children photographyNW Arkansas Children photographyRogers AR Children photography
Springdale AR Children photographyBentonville AR Children photography
Fayetteville AR Children photographyNWA Children photos
NWA location Children photographer

Hornberger Family

I love photographing families, they’re always here because of the love and pride they have in their family. They want to show that admiration in portrait art that will be enjoyed for many years and passed down through generations, becoming more valuable with each passing year. I can only imagine the great compliments and comments when guests come over to visit.

Meet the Hornberger family. They were a pure pleasure to photograph, such beautiful kids and such a joy to photograph. After the initial consultation, I had an idea of the colors they were going to wear and planned the background accordingly. My goal is to have the faces the primary emphasis of the image. We always have a great time during these sessions, there’s laughing and smiling, which makes for an enjoyable experience and very pleasing images.

NWA Family Studio Photographer

Roland Christmas Family

Every time I go to someone's home for a family portrait, it's a very relaxed feeling for the family, obviously because they're at home. Photographing Jay Roland and his children was no different. They were a lot of fun to photograph and see their personality really come out. I've known Jay through my BNI chapter (he works with Riverside mortgage - http://www.nwalending.com/ , very easy and helpful to work with, most of all honest).

Jay had this idea of a Christmas card that had all his friends laughing, when you see it, you'll know why. If you're needing Christmas cards give us a call at 479-973-0012, if you're needing a
www.nwalending.com">mortgage, call Jay



Extended Family Portrait

I recently had the privilege to photograph a very fun family.   There was a lot of laughing and having fun, a great group and family.  Over the past 10-20 years, they’ve had their group photo taken several times, each time in their parent’s home.  This time, they decided that their group had grown to the point they had outgrown the home portrait and needed a full size studio.  I’m thankful they chose me and that I have the largest portrait studio in NWA to accommodate large groups like this.  While we created portraits of individual families, we also photographed the large group (the reason they came in).  I decided to try something after we did the group and created this pano photo.  This type image would be perfect for large families and be a sure conversation piece over a sofa.
If you have a large family and would like a great portrait that would be sure to get attention to your guests, call
973-0012 today!  
NWA large family photographer

Prints vs Files

For the past few years, people have been asking for digital files and so many are taking pictures and handing off CD’s then washing their hands of the clients.  At Branch, we go far beyond, we take care of our clients to insure that their valuable images will be treasured for generations, and become more valuable with time.
Introducing THE PRINT!  A print is not new by any means, it’s been around for since photography began, that should speak volumes about it’s longevity and value.  The BENEFITS over digital are MANY….
  1. It comes fully charged
  2. It’s internal battery life is ETERNAL!
  3. NO cables or power cords.
  4. The print comes in a variety of sizes and styles
  5. It’s always on with NO upload time involved.
  6. No navigation, all you have to do is turn your head and it’s always on where ever it’s displayed.
  7. Confident  in handing it down for generations, regardless of future technology changes

Which would you rather have to enjoy and have guests admire?

NWA Print photographer