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February 2018

Jennifer Peñate

If you are from NW Arkansas and watch KNWA News at 5,6 or 10pm weekdays, you know and love this lady, Jennifer Peñate. She recently started as anchor in the evening and is winning the hearts of everyone in NWA. In addition to the newscast, she, along with Nate Kuester & Dan Skoff, go live on Facebook most every evening at 10pm, they get to interact with all the listeners tuning in on Facebook, answer some questions, see behind the scenes and give a personal interaction with the anchors.

I had the honor to photograph her and she isa s sweet and beautiful in person as on air. The images are an introduction of a new line of premier portraiture called Black Label. These images are in a style reminiscent of Vanity Fair's Annie Liebovitz and Mark Seliger as well as others I study such as Art Streiber, Clay Cook and Joe Craig. We created these beautiful images in line with the Black Label insight, but we had to include her beautiful smile, showing her true personality. The purpose of the Black Label brand is to offer premier portraiture to evoke a mood of boldness, confidence, ambition and success. It is not only elegant and luxurious, but indeed timeless to be admired with every view.

The First, the Present & the Memories in Between


Memories are a POWERFUL thing, it can lift us up, bring us down, make us thankful or learn from mistakes. I was recently working in the shop with walnut wood and the smell triggered memories of my father and I making an entertainment center when i was 16, it's like I was there. The senses of sight, touch and sound are just as impactful.

Recently I was listening to the 70's music on iHeart Radio, wow did it ever take me back to a simpler time, you know the feeling. It's amazing when you hear a song and it unlocks memories and triggers emotions from times you thought you had forgotten, it's a powerful thing. Not long after that, I was thinking, 'what ever happened to my first camera?', honestly, i have no idea, but i had to look on eBay and found the exact model in pristine condition, an Olympus OM10. I purchased a camera exactly like this in 1979 to photograph sporting events for my local hometown newspaper. As soon as I got it, yep, I looked through the viewfinder and, more powerful than any song, a flood of memories came back as I saw the meter and heard the click of the camera and cranked the film advance. Then I looked at my current camera and thought of millions of images I've been blessed to take over the last 35 + years, the people the camera has put me in front of and the number of cameras I've had. So I had to take this photo of the two cameras, the first and the present.

I calculated I've had right at 20 different cameras between, some were very large as the second photo shows (a copy of a self portrait), the largest was a Mamiya RB67 with a 100-200 zoom lens. A few others were Hasselblad that I used at many proms, graduations and weddings and put thousands of rolls of film through them all. Wow how times and technology have changes… but thankful my memories the cameras have given me have never changed.