Prints vs Files
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Which of the room views above looks more pleasing?

Digital photography has offered professional photographers much more latitude in the images we create. We can do more creative images and, with proper planning and knowledge, alter images to make them ‘pop’ more than ever with proper planning. Things we could only dream of in the “film” days.

All the changes digital has brought is great, but we must be rooted in reality in one aspect, the physical PRINT. While everyone has their own opinion of print vs file, the topic is very controversial among some photographers. Whatever your opinion may be, I’d like to express my concern on why the physical print is so important for now and generations to come.

Imagine sitting in your living room, there’s nothing on TV or a commercial is on, or even taking a break from reading your book, your eye wonders around the room and you see all the people that are in your life as well as those that were and no longer with you. It truly warms the heart like nothing else.

Think about when you have friends over for dinner and they immediately stop and brag about your beautiful family by looking at the wall portrait on display and all the other family portraits on display, this speaks volumes about the closeness of your family and how proud you are of them.

The Print Nostalgia

The print is the most meaningful way you can enjoy photography! The digital files you have saved in media will go out of style and out of date and then you can’t get them. What if you had important family photos from the 1990’s on a floppy disk, how could you get to see them today? Even though digital photography wasn’t so prominent in the ‘90s, this example will hold true for the future. Fast forward to the present, think about the DVDs and CDs you may have them store on now and consider the fact that Apple has decided not to install optical drives into their computers any more. That medium is slowly starting to disappear. It will be too soon that you’ll have a generation of photographs stored on discs that you can’t even access any more, at least not easily. However, if you had beautiful prints made for display, then of technology wouldn’t concern you at all and you’d continue to enjoy the portraits and hand them down them down through generations to come.

A print doesn’t require a screen to be enjoyed. There is a great feeling of romance and nostalgia about being able to sit down relax on the sofa with your children, relatives or friends and go through a wedding album or old family photos without having to open a laptop and press the arrow button a hundred times. When you look at a print, you are in the moment and free of distractions, no emails or facebook dings going off on your computer.

Portraits last a lifetime, and even longer! Physical prints are true heirlooms to pass down as life goes on. So many of the portraits created are not so much for the enjoyment of today, but rather for the years of tomorrow, for you children and grandchildren. Passing down a box of hard drives or unusable cd’s doesn’t exactly have the same appeal, does it?

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