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Black Label - Kirby

I've gotten to know Kirby through networking and both of us being Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce Diplomats. Every so often I have creative ideas or need a model to test lighting or posing, Kirby is always generous with her time and is great to work with… it helps she's photogenic too!

Black label is a premier portrait experience capturing the essence, strength, determination and empowerment of the subject. Kirby has all of these attributes and more, she has a great personality with generosity and kindness. You can see the confidence in her eyes and the joy in her laughter. The Black Label sessions not only promote pride and self confidence but also through a session that is fun and relaxed.


Black Label - Larra

Every session, I like to make it enjoyable for everyone, having fun shows in the final images even if they're not smiling. Some don't like to smile, some don't like to look serious (it makes them look mad), but to find a happy balance and capture a personality will make for beautiful variety in portraiture. With Larra Donaldson's Black Label portraits, I captured her confidence and fun mood. A photograph of confidence is different from one of just looking mad, it's in the eyes. It will be a constant reminder to the subject of what is inside her/him and, hopefully, give them inspiration and motivation that they can accomplish their goals and conquer their fears. Isn't that what we all want?


Black Label Portraiture Session

Meet Melody Martins, she is a bank president at Signature Bank in Bentonville. Not only is she ambitious and successful, but also genuinely sweet and kind. The images speak volumes about their personality, boldness and kindness with the drive that go her where she is today.

Over the past few years, it seems as though the nation has embraced more negativity, we've all seen it in many forms. There is an ever growing need to elevate the human spirit, self worth and acknowledge people for their many accomplishments, one of the reasons for Branch Black Label Portraiture.

The images I create are to show personalities. With high school seniors, the images show who they are at this point in their life; with family portraits, the images show the love and family connection; with business portraits, the images show that the person is approachable and a person you can trust.

With Branch Black Label Portraiture, my goal is to go further to an elevated personal level. While mood, confidence, ambition and success are the viewer's impression or thoughts, the images have another purpose that is more personal to the subject. The images portrait the energy of who that person is, a reminder of how others see them and who they truly are, which is a good reminder of our personal empowerment. My goal is to first, show the others who they are and inspire. On a personal level, the goal is to remind the subject of how awesome they are, to lift them up with a quick glance at the photo and give them purpose and ambition when the image 'looks back'.